Game developer as Career Option

Game developer as Career Option
While handling the game joystick, the feeling of responsibility to take Mario to its destination, was like if I was lost in a fascinating world where my only companion was that lovely character super Mario. That was the real fun of the childhood. Video games have always been the prime choice of everyone when it comes to spend free time. Today there are as many kinds of video games as there are people. The rise of smartphones and iPads has made mobile gaming the fastest-growing segment of the market, offering a vast employment to the game designers and developers. As a game designer, you will play the integral role of designing characters, games theme, setting its rules, levels, puzzles, art and animation. Thus take a step ahead to join this multi-billion dollar industry with potential for you to let your creativity and imagination loose.

B.Sc. (Game Designing and Development) Colleges in India

  • IIFA Multimedia - Institute for Interior Fashion and Animation
  • BrainZ Institute of Design
  • Global Institute of Gaming and Animation - GIGA
  • IIFA Multimedia
  • The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation

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